Princess Sparkly Butt & the Hot Dog Kid

Best of Kids Fringe 2015

Costume Design & Build 

Playing in KidsFringe 2015:

This show is intended for young families.  It is high energy, and butt jokes are plentiful. Absurity took over the stage so I wanted the costumes to reflect this energy with inflated shapes and saturated bright colours. When an actress is playing twin sisters (the red Queen and the green Aunt), I decided that the overall theme of characters will be each characters designated colours-for easy recognition for our younger audience members and similar shapes to show their relation to each other, such as their tall hair. It makes them relatable but yet not the same.

Never before have I had to make so many butts! Designing and building all of these costumes as a one-person team was a great task but well worth it. From custom corsets to padded underwear and a space monster body suit this was a fun challenge to balance budget and time.


And yes, the Princess’ butt did sparkle, and to make things even more over the top I added battery powered Christmas lights with a hand switch in the waist-band for her to turn on as she ‘discovers the mystical powers of the butt…’

Jenni Lee

Costume Designer



Working in and around the GTA, I have designed, built and dressed for Theatre and Television productions as a freelance artist.