Corus Entertainment and Hazel House Productions 

Princess Sparkly Butt & The Hot Dog Kid

Costume Designer (2016)

After winning Best of Kid's Fringe in 2015, the story of a princess yearning to explore space lights up the tv screen. Joined by her to-be wed fiancee Prince Doof (who wants to be a hot dog) they set upon an adventure of a life time, meeting her long lost Uncle Calvin, encountering furry moon monsters and saving her planet from the risks of dangerous gems. Look for us in February to see how the story unfolds. 

I love designing children shows because they are big, bright and animated. The fairy-tale costumes are inspired by the princess' exaggerated behind shape which was caused by the LED battery and dimmers hidden beneath. From there, exaggerated shapes took over everyones costumes.  Professional photos and videos to come. I designed, built and dressed on set. Wigs by Blake Arsenault. Makeup by Moira Garr.

Princess Kimberly-Opening
Beamer Monster
Hot Dog Kid & Beamer
Princess Kimberly
In the Spaceship
On the Moon
Héros Flying Away
Evil Uncle Ricky
Trouble on the ship
King Mervin
King Chester
A Hero Emerges
The Hot Dog Kid
Wedding Day
Doofmuncher Family
Princess Kimberly
The Chancellor
The Chanc
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